Mosca Bruno

Mosca Bruno

An expert in foreign trade, Customs Broker and Fiscal Representative

Mister Mosca Bruno works since 1981 in the customs area and since 1992, the beginning of the operating procedures, in the field of the excise duty, too.

For about 40 years, Bruno Mosca offers experience in the areas of customs clearance and excise duties.

For more than 20 years as a Customs Broker, the first career starts in one of Europe's major transport company, to then become self-employed and found the company Mosca Bruno & C. S.a.s.

Moreover, Mosca Bruno was authorized already in 1993 to operate as a Fiscal Repre­sentative, so in the same year in which this figure was first introduced by Directive 92/12/EEC and then implemented as Law No. 427 of 29.10.1993.

The figure of the Fiscal Representative is of decisive importance, especially in regard to intra-Community trade of goods, which are subject to the excise tax. Our organization plays a very important role, as we are entitled to hundreds of European-tax warehouse shipper to make the settlement of the excise tax (breweries, wineries, etc).
Thus, we are also responsible in the proper handling of taxes for a few hundred customers in all regions of Italy.
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