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Products that are subject to excise duty

For products that are subject to excise tax: alcohol, wine, beer, plant oil, gas, diesel,  Mosca Bruno acts as “registered recipient” on behalf of the company that wants to buy goods liable to excise tax and transfers all duties for fulfilling the requirements to their own excise tax number. As it is stated in the directive 118/08/CE and adapted with the italian legislative decree „D.Lgs. Nr. 48“ from 29. March 2010, as well as in „Codified Law of Excise (D.L. 504 from 26.10.1995)“; For example:

  • Opening a guarantee in order to store the goods in our own warehouse
  • To be sure that the E-VD, that accompanies the goods is completed correctly in EMCS
  • Paying the consumption tax to the appropriate authorities (Tesoreria Provinciale dello Stato), by mod. F24
  • Holding the accredited register of incoming and outgoing goods and the guarantee in the electronic procedure
  • Issuing the DAS (simplified accompanying document), for forwarding the goods from Bozen to their final destination
  • Take care of all additional formalities request by the Customs Agency
Products that are subject to excise duty

In order to work in this manner, it is unavoidable to have the full power of attorney from the foreign suppliers; whereas we require for the internal processing the same power of attorney on your business stationery including your notarized signature.

In both cases, please contact us directly in order to receive the forms.